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  • WORKFORCE West Virginia, a division in the Department of Commerce, matches the skills of West Virginia’s willing, available workforce with existing jobs and the jobs of the future. WORKFORCE West Virginia also provides the following services at no cost to your company:
    (a) Recruiting Assistance – WORKFORCE West Virginia can screen and assess the skills of potential applicants and provide testing based on the employer’s criteria.
    (b) Evaluation and Screening – WORKFORCE West Virginia can screen and assess the skills of potential applicants, and provide testing based on the employer’s criteria.
  • Governor’s Guaranteed Workforce Program: The WV Development Office offers one of the best employee recruitment and training programs in the country; a flexible, customized job training program, the Governor’s Guaranteed Workforce Program. This program offers up to $2,000 per employee for training assistance to eligible companies by providing funding that directly supports the transfer of knowledge and skills. Funding is based on wages and benefits, number of employees, and number to be trained. Also, this program operates on a reimbursements basis. Employers incur training costs with the Governor’s Guaranteed Work Force Program reimbursing employers for costs agreed upon as spelled out in a contractual agreement between the state and the employer. Eligible activities include, but are not limited to:
    (a) High performance workplace development;
    (b) Structured on-the-job training;
    (c) Travel costs for trainer;
    (d) Job specific technical training
  • Southern WV Community & Technical College: Workforce Development: Southern supports regional and local efforts to diversify and strengthen the area economy by providing several key workforce development services. Through the Customized Training and Continuing Education Program, the college can contract directly with an employer to provide a wide range of training needs. Southern also provides research capability, technical assistance, training, and other professional assistance as needed by the employer or local organization.