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Business Retention and Expansion

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Mingo County’s newly formulated Business Retention and Expansion Program seeks to focus the work of our economic development organization, the Tug Valley Chamber of Commerce, and community leaders in Mingo County to better understand the needs and plans of existing businesses in their communities in order to grow new jobs locally by placing a higher value on, and greater appreciation of, these businesses. A printable version of the BRE Plan will be available in the near future.


Entrepreneurs are catalysts for economic diversification and stability, and Mingo County has assembled a coordinated network of stakeholders who are committed to fostering an entrepreneurial spirit in our communities. The vision of this group is to help new businesses flourish in diverse fields such as integrated energy, health and wellness, recreation, tourism, service, agriculture, sustainability, and the arts. The stakeholders include representatives from the Appalachian Leadership Academy, the Mingo County Diabetes Coalition, the Mingo County Redevelopment Authority, the Tug Valley Chamber of Commerce, the Tug Valley Entrepreneurship Group, Southern WV Community and Technical College, and the Williamson Redevelopment Authority.

In the very near future, Mingo County hopes to launch a “One Stop Entrepreneur Shop” to assist local entrepreneurs with all aspects of business start-up, from innovation, to marketability, to financing, management, and countless other concepts that are characteristic of a successful entrepreneur.